New TV Video Production Studio in NoVa

Creative Video unveiled its new television video stage at the new Herndon facility.  CVW now offers a large insert stage to accommodate productions that require a controlled environment.  Excellent for interviews and demonstrations; props and background can make the stage your world.  Our top notch production team can take your production to the Internet, convention, television or training.  Stage Green Screen

Our in-house stage features a 13’-foot high, 25’ foot by 19’ foot shooting area with a lighting grid and black velour drape line at 12’ high. The ceiling and back wall have Sonex sound proofing.

The stage has a floor to ceiling black velour infinity drape around 3 walls and a Chromakey green across the 19’ wide main wall and 12’down both sides and on the floor. The lighting grid has a combination of 1000 & 2000-watt instruments, including soft lights for the Chromakey area, pepper lights, and Lowel lights with Chemera sort light covers. It also features a six-channel dimmer for complete control. Props include fixed and swivel seating, tables, a podium, and plants.

The stage has a dedicated air conditioning system that is fully sound proofed. There is a sound proofed narration both next door along with a conference room and our two edit suites.   Studio 11

Our stage is also used for audio recordings, which require multiple people and micro-phones. We rent the stage out to independent producers, as well as put it to use in our own productions.

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