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Our post-production assignments can be edited with any one of our inter-format non-linear edit suites, which include Final Cut Pro and Media 100.
The inter-format editing is done to or from Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, D-9, DVCPRO-25 & 50, DVCPRO-25 & 50, DVC PRO-HD-P2, DVCAM, Mini-DV, S-VHS and VHS. Our edit suites feature Media 100 HD/SDI, Final Cut Pro HD and Avid Media Composer HD. Several are capable of handling P2 HD video as well as P2 DVCPRO 25 and 50 SD. The SDI edit systems as well as the firewire edit input technology make editing virtually lossless from digital camera masters or P2 memory cards. In addition Creative Video can create CD-R, DVD-R, authored DVD-R discs with color labels and clam shell cases in volume.


 Non-linear editing is not limited to Creative Video’s edit suites. Our Final Cut Pro HD laptop based edit suite allows us to bring the power of Apple's latest firewire based edit technology and Media 100's component video edit technology to your meeting or convention. All our portable edit suites can be taken either to your office or your convention in a bag. Imagine, editing changes at the last minute and being able to say, "yes we can" when your boss asks can you do it?


When you need something like a good licensed music background, or a sound effect to emphasize a point, or a vast video library of people, places, and things to help fill in the holes in your production. We maintain four licensed music libraries for industrial videos and two additonal libraris with licenses for both broadcast, internet and industrial projects. We have a complete sound effects library with every sound effect imaginable. We have a large library of licensed video to fill any hole in your show where what you need was never shot. It includes business scenes, science, commerce, cities, skylines, agriculture, government and so much more. In short, we have everything you need at our fingertips and ready to make your edit even better.