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Equipment Sales

Creative Video has gone HD – from cameras and projectors to multi-camera switching.  While we have standard definition equipment, you will be dazzled by the sharp improvement moving up to High Definition cameras and projectors for your live events and video taping needs.


New –The Future of HD Multi-Camera Switching! 

Equipment Sales Equipment Sales


CVW’s Broadcast Pix “Elite” switcher package combines the best production tools on the market to enhance each projection and bring it to its fullest potential.  The switcher boards 11 inputs and 8 independent outputs.


In addition to external inputs, the Pix also has an internal clip-store, providing instantaneous playback of Quicktime Pro-Res clips, eliminating the need for additional playback devices.  In addition, the Pix also has a built-in Chyron character generator that can transform a normal production into the live event that views will walk away remembering.


The “Elite” switcher package includes Sony HXC100 studio configured camera.  These native 1080i cameras are the best studio HD cameras on the market, adding eye-popping images that will leave viewers speechless.  When combined with CVW’s AJA Ki-Pro rack hard drive recorders, the event will live on forever.  The data is recorded as Quicktime ProRes files, making editing easier, quicker and less expensive.



Multi-camera switching



Video Projection


Creative Video possesses a wide inventory of projectors and projection equipment.  We can provide projection tools and expertise for any size event. Our projectors have been used in every location and situation imaginable.  They range from 4,000 to 35,000 ANSI Lumens in brightness, both in LCD or DLP.  From the floor or flying from the ceiling with our unique wall/truss hanging system, CVW will exceed all your expectations in both performance and price.


Multi-Camera Switching

An integral part of live event productions is multi-camera switching.  This element can take an ordinary event and make it look spectacular.   CVW offers multiple switcher packages, along with a large inventory of professional cameras, capable of filling all your production needs. 


Show Graphics

Show graphics make a large difference in the look and feel of a live event. Elements such as lower-third ID graphics for speakers, or motion title intro slides can take an already great production to the next level. These elements are innovative ways to keep an audience’s attention and make events look modern and technologically advanced.


Audio Production

Creative Video is more than what’s in our name.  In addition to all of our video services, we also possess a large inventory of live event audio equipment and know-how.  With both floor supported and flown audio systems, analog and digital audio consoles, we have it all Whether you have a breakout room with 30 people or a general session with 3,000, we are here to meet your audio needs.


Post Production

As a post production facility, Creative Video offers three professional edit suites in our Herndon, VA office location, featuring a variety of editing platforms including Final Cut Pro HD and Adobe After Effects.


Equipment Rentals and Sales

In addition to production services and rentals, Creative Video also offers equipment sales, both of new and old equipment. In the area of new equipment, we are a dealer for Eiki projectors and Draper projection screens, offering pricing competitive with any other dealer around.


We also have an expansive selection of used equipment, rotated out of our own inventory. This equipment has been professionally maintained and serviced by the Creative Video staff. Please check our new and used equipment pages often to view the latest specials and deals that we offer.