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470 Spring Park Place, Suite 900
Herndon, VA 20170
Phone: 703-891-2620

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Creative Video is constantly updating its roster of skilled freelancers we regularly hire for our jobs. If you are not on our roster (or want to update your info) please follow these instructions. This is not for beginners or entry level personnel. If you have significant practical experience and want to work with us we'd like to hear from you.


For consideration you must send us your resume (use one method only):



or fax:


or mail:
470 Spring Park Place, Suite 900
Herndon, VA 20170
Attn: Freelance application


Your inquiry MUST contain the following info for consideration:

  1. Subject heading: Freelance application
  2. Comprehensive resume or bio (attached or in body of message) Info must be true (we check) and demo material must be made by you (or labeled as to your contribution).
  3. Types of roles you can perform TODAY (see list below).
  4. Scope of relevant experience.
  5. Official credentials if any (Capitol Hill, police, passport, top secret clearance, etc.).
  6. Union memberships if any.
  7. Indicate if you have demo reel (do not send at this time)
  8. Two recent references with contact info.
  9. Realistic range of rates you will accept for, 5-hour, and 10-hour days.
  10. Any languages spoken other than English.

Please understand all of these conditions:

  1. Submit no more than twice in any 12-month period.
  2. No calls please.
  3. There are currently NO full or part-time job openings at Creative Video.
  4. We may or may not contact you.
  5. You will primarily be hired as labor to run our large inventory of gear. If you own gear please let us know exactly what you have but please don't expect us to hire you with that gear often.
  6. If we contact you, it may be several months after we receive your inquiry.
  7. Be prepared to take an assignment immediately even if we haven't contacted you recently.
  8. After submission, please update us if your work situation changes.
    1. Camera Operators (multi-camera)
    2. ENG/EFP Photographers
    3. Field Audio Techs
    4. Board audio techs (A1)
    5. Audio Assistants (A2)
    6. Lighting Techs
    7. Video Projectionists
    8. Tape Operators
    9. Playback Pro Operators
    10. Chyron Graphic Operators
    11. Video Techs (shader)
    12. Technical Directors
    13. Grip/utility
    14. Driver
    1. Writers
    2. Producers
    3. Directors
    4. Voice-over talent
    5. On-camera talent
    6. Accountants
    7. Sales-people
    8. Editors
    9. Editing systems
    10. Full or part-time staff
  1.  If hired, you must be able to fulfill the duties of job you are booked on.
    We usually require at least two years of practical, hands-on technical experience.
    You must be able to lift 50 pounds.
    Review the "statement of understanding" under which all work is conducted.

Billing Information

Please invoice Creative Video the approved rate. Invoices must include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. Your SSN or EIN
  4. Your signature (electronic copies OK but must have signed copies by September or every year).
  5. Client's name
  6. Date(s)
  7. Task performed
  8. Actual hours (call and completion times)
  9. Overtime only with client approval*
  10. Expenses (if any) only with prior client approval*
  11. Project name and/or client job numbers


*If there are any extra expenses on the job please contact your crew chief immediately following the assignment. These costs are passed on to the client and need to be included on their invoice. If we don't get this information within two days of the job then Creative Video will not reimburse you and you can not bill for overtime. Please itemize your invoice.

Please send invoices immediately following job to:

Creative Video of Washington



470 Spring Park Place, Suite 900
Herndon, VA 20170




You can group multiple jobs on one invoice provided you give us complete, detailed information that includes all the items listed above.


You may receive one check for both services and expenses. Your 1099 will reflect only your pay totals and will not include your expense reimbursements.


Creative Video will not pay any invoice that is sent more than 12 months after a job. Our fiscal year ends September 30. Please send us all invoices for past work before that date.


Creative Video intends to pay all crew invoices 30 days following receipt of invoice. You are welcome to contact the office to confirm receipt but please don't ask to be paid any sooner than one month. At rare times we experience a temporary cash-flow problem and will have to delay payment on invoices, including those from freelancers. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these tight times. Please know that we will get all past invoices paid as soon as possible. Unlike many other companies, we do not wait to be paid by our client before we pay you.