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An integral part of the production services that Creative Video supplies is projection.  CVW possesses a wide inventory of projectors, and projection equipment.  We can provide the projection tools and expertise for any large, medium or small event.


Our projectors have been used in every location and situation imaginable.  Whether front or rear, if you’re projecting from the floor, or flying from the ceiling with our unique air wall/truss hanging system, Creative Video can meet your needs.  Though most of our projectors our XGA native, we can provide a wide variety of HD projectors as well.  If you require a specific brand of projector, Creative Video can supply Eiki, Christie, Barco, Panasonic or any other industry standard brand of projector.


Our Eiki large venue video/data projectors continue to provide our clients with a video projection alternative to the expensive Barco and DLP video/data projectors.  Eiki’s HDT2000 projectors boast 15,000 ANSI lumens of high definition output.  Armed with 4-chip LCD technology, their image quality is second to none.  The Eiki XT-4 projectors provide 12,000 ANSI lumens of light output, at a fraction of the cost of other large venue options.   Both of these projectors also specialize in long throw situations, often projecting anywhere from 30 to 200 feet depending on screen size.  They can be hung from the ceiling or truss, or stacked together to create an even brighter light output.


If your event is mid-sized, Eiki’s LC-W5 6,000 ANSI lumen 720p HD projectors offer the perfect option.  These projectors are the perfect introduction to HD video projection without breaking the budget.  For mid-sized standard definition projects, Christie’s LX-65 projectors are the perfect solution.  The LX-65 projectors output 6,500 ANSI lumens.  These projectors produce beautiful XGA native pictures at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.  With their interchangeable lens system, the LX-65 projectors can offer the shortest throw distances of any projector around, making them the perfect solution for rear screen projection.


For smaller events, Creative Video offers Eiki XB-40 projectors.  Outputting at 4,000 ANSI lumens, these smaller table-top projectors provide all the light output needed for a smaller meeting, while not imposing with a large loud body of many other options.  These projectors are perfect for board meetings, or any other situation in which the projector must be positioned amongst the audience.


Creative Video has strived to provide all the projection options to produce a high-quality image, while keeping the cost to its customers reasonable.  Our projection inventory is professionally serviced and maintained, and is ready to provide great images for your next event.