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Show Graphics

Creative Video is always searching for different, cost effective ways to upgrade clients’ productions. Over the years, one area we have found that makes a large difference in the look and feel of a live event is show graphics. By show graphics, we mean more than simple powerpoint presentations.


Elements such as lower-third ID graphics for speakers, or motion title intro slides can take an already great production to the next level. The elements are great ways to keep an audience’s attention, and make events look modern and technologically advanced, at a minimal cost.


The Broadcast Pix, Creative Video’s SDI based switcher, boasts its own graphics platform. The Inscriber TitleMotion graphics software provides the ability to create motion lower thirds and full screen graphics. It also can create transparent graphics perfect for ID bugs.


In addition to the Broadcast Pix, all CVW switchers can be combined with computer graphics programs to create a graphic solution perfect for any show, no matter how simple or complex that may be.


Show Graphics