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Video Ingestion

Creative Video provides its clients with video ingestion capabilities, which allows us to transfer any client’s footage to a digital editing or storage system.  We start the process by digitizing the signal, compressing the digital data stream to reduce the amount of data stored and finishing by storing the data as a file on a hard drive.  Our video ingestion process allows us to store our client’s content on video servers, making them ready to be played out on demand.  Let us help you transfer hundreds of hours of tape to a compressed, digital hard drive.


In addition, Creative Video also has live event video ingestion options.  Both the Broadcast Pix SDI based switcher and the Grass Valley Turbo IDDR playback system possess two built in DDRs (Digital Data Recorders).  These built in hard drives allow video to be played back instantaneously.  What this provides is the ability to avoid any tape playback whatsoever on live events.  When the video is ingested into the Pix or Turbo before event day, Creative Video staff engineers cue, clip and verify all of the video and audio is in perfect working order.  There is no longer any hassles or worries on the day of the show!